‘The Catalyst’ is a story traversing moral dilemmas that create an incongruence between good and bad. It is inspired by a short story written by Kartar Singh Duggal, which was set in pre independent India. Though cinema has showcased films with the undercurrent of moral dilemma time and again, it is fascinating how the topic is still just as relevant today, as it was in the pre independence era. This film tackles the perennial and perturbing financial inadequacy that blights the people at the bottom of the pyramid. A man’s attempt to find a bit of black or white in this interminably greying society! In short, this is a tale that concerns all of us – it just depends which side we see it from.



The amazing Nirmala & Sathya, and a bunch of talented actors.



Director and her Ninja Assistants: Tejas, Kiran and Vasudev

Direction Team

The Director of Photography and his one man battalion:

pradeep padma kumar

Ravi Teja, our Editor

Vivek Anandan – Sync Sound & Sound Design

 Ashwin Ramakrishnan our Music Director with Prashanth on Keyboards and Shravan on Violin

Raja Rajan our Colorist

Bala Bhaskar, our vfx expert, post production suite provider and also The Catalyst Film’s GOD!

Why are we making this film?

We are taking a road to self discovery through stories about the ‘otherwise unnoticed’ raw human emotions. We have vehemently kept ourselves from the glitz and the chaotic end of filmmaking not because we are not able to do it, but because human stories such as this need more listeners and we have promised ourselves to deliver.

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