How much do we need?

Thank you for helping us achieve our production target!

We needed about 200000 INR ($3350) for production (see breakup below) and about 50 contributors (most of them real, some are rumoured to be Schrödinger’s super heroes) helped us raise it! We can not thank you enough! Can you help us further? Yes, read on!

Can you help us further? YES! With our Screening and Festival Expense.

For every single screening we need about $325 and that includes, preview theatre expense/ audiovisual equipment expense in case of open-air screening. Sending the film for a competition is an expensive affair too! Assuming that the entry for a festival is free (paid entries can range anywhere between $20-$75) couriering the DVD, especially international competitions will cost us about $50. So this chart will show the number of screenings and competitions you can help us with.

If you want a screening in your city – you know what you have to do 🙂

* The actual number of screenings and festivals entered may vary based on location, entry fee etc. The expenses are only projected, it displays only a possible number of screenings and or festivals.

Production Cost Breakup

Here’s the breakup for production expenses, right here in this chart. Every penny that comes in extra will go in to the screening expenses in different cities and for the film to participate in various film festivals.

*Note: Shooting expense includes expenses towards camera equipments, lights & sound equipments, location hire/ rent & transport/ fuel