What do you get?

Any amount you can contribute is much appreciated and it will take us one step closer to the completion of the film and eventually the dream of watching it in a big screen. But we all like a little surprise don’t we? Alright. Here is what you get as a contributor.

A heartfelt thank you and a mention on our website.

A heartfelt thank you and a mention on our website. Plus, You get to see the film first! An exclusive digital link to watch the film.

All above + a copy of the script + An exclusive digital poster of the film with details of all cast and crew.

All above + An audio download link of the film’s Original Soundtrack.

All above + An exclusive download link and screening rights to the team’s previous film ‘PAVA’ that was screened in two International festivals one International Women’s festival and a South Asian festival in India. Watch a teaser HERE.

All above + a custom made throw pillow created by the director of the film herself. We will have it sent to your house! You can go ahead and browse from the store to shop from the collection. Visit the store HERE.

All above + An all exclusive token of absolute gratitude in the form of a specially designed artwork. Created in support for the project, a portrait made by Neha Ann from the Academy of Art, San Fransisco AND a mention in the credits of the film.

Holy mother of god! For this contribution, you get all the above + an exclusive video of the team crying in joy in front of your image accepting you as their one true god. (We are not kidding! This will happen)

Any contribution is much appreciated.

Note: All supporters will feature in a post film ‘Thank you’ video that will be made and shared widely in social media.

Update: We decided to feature all contributors in the mail film itself, the ‘thank you’ will be in the form of a song now 🙂

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