1. Who are we? Why do we need your money?

We are a bunch of art lovers, taking a road to self discovery through stories about the ‘otherwise unnoticed’ raw human emotions. We have vehemently kept ourselves from the glitz and the chaotic end of filmmaking not because we are not able to do it, but because human stories such as this need more listeners and we have promised ourselves to deliver.

We are not driven by pure profit. We are driven by art. We are driven by passion to create. Hence, we work with resources from well wishers and people who love art.

2. Who is asking for money?

We thought, if we are asking members of public for funds, we should get members of public to implore it too! Watch what they have to say HERE.

Vaishnavi Sundar – Writer & Director, speaks on behalf of the team.director

With a diverse career background of Marketing, Human Resources, Software, Adventure Sports and Advertising, I have now chosen to expand the time I’ve been giving to arts – ALL of it. A distinction in Business degree and stints in the corporate sector for over 6 years, I have now ventured into theatre and film fulltime. As a performer with Theatre Nisha and Holy Cow performing arts group, I have been part of more than a dozen productions since, with over 40 shows in various parts of India and in the UK. Short films that I have acted in have gone on to win awards in various film festivals. The first film that I had written and directed was acclaimed in three International Film Festivals in India.

With the money you give us, my team and I promise to tell stories that touch people’s hearts. You can count on us.

3. What will we do with this money?

All contributions collected will be used towards the production costs. An approximate split up can be seen here. Every penny that comes in extra will go into the screening expenses in different cities and for enabling the film to participate in various film festivals.

4. How much have we raised?

You can see how much we have raised here. The information therein is updated once a day.

5. Why bank transfer? Why not use crowdfunding platforms or paypal transfers?

Crowdfunding platforms charge fees as high as 9% of revenue for their services. Plus, paypal charges around 3-4% of transaction value as their processing fee. This being a project of relatively smaller value, we will be losing a substantial amount due to various fees involved.

Transferring to bank account on the other hand costs the lowest among all possible options. We strongly believe that you as a contributor would like every unit of money you donate to be used for making the end product and not lose money to intermediate processors. Also, this is much more secure and legitimate in terms of you being aware exactly where your funds are going in to.

6. When does production commence?

We will be starting production in December 2014, we intend to wrap it all up and gift ourselves the film for New year! 🙂

7. What is in it for you?

A warm fuzzy feeling of helping out an ambitious team of filmmakers. And of course a whole array of perks for every contribution made.

8. How can you know for sure that we will make the film?

Cause we have more to lose from not doing it. This will not be the last time we make such a film. Our future plans involve more collaborative and much more ambitious projects.

9. Why did we choose Kannada as the language?

When the screenplay was conceptualized, a lot of inspiration was drawn from the city of Bangalore. The  images from there brought a touch of reality to the characters. It was only apt to have the language of the place for the film. The movie’s real focus is on the emotions played out by the characters and so, you definitely won’t lose out on the experience that you deserve.

10. Want to be part of the team?

Please email us at writetoTCF@gmail.com

11. Are these questions really frequently asked?

No 😛