Hall of Fame

Oh you! Look at you, beaming with pride. Good job contributing for the project! You superhumans have catalyzed the creation of The Catalyst. Thanks to you, we are now one step closer to actualizing this project.

Known Alias Secret Avatar
Abhirami K Iyer Has X-Ray vision
Aditya Javvadi Scales mountains on escalators
Anjan Tickles vampires as a hobby
Anoop Speaks in Jazz
Aparna Natarajan Can slam a revolving door
Arvind Gopu Breathes fire
Bala Bhaskar The quiet type
Bonny M Avanoor Can use a landline in roaming mode
CK Longest name award winner
Deepa Moonwalks on Mars
Dharma & Santhosh The Adams family but with an eve
Ganesh V Can fill a bucket that has no base
Geetha TG The woman from earth
Giddi Sathish One of the thieves from Alibaba’s team
Girish Mathrubootham Taught ice skating to Chuck Norris
Harish Swaminathan The ‘rare’ breed
Izaskun Part time Ninja
Jayanthi Claps with one hand
JC Competes with CK
Jucoholic But a secret shopaholic
Kamakshi Has brunch for dinner
Kuppulakshmi Smooth criminal
Manimaran Protector of the realm
Manju Nair Can pet a transformer
Nirmala Dsouza Professional Batmobile operator
Param Time traveller
Pipe Has an iPhone 8
Pradyut Explores the Matrix in DOS Mode
Prasanna Kumar Possibly a werewolf
Priya Rammohan Can answer missed calls
Rajavel Can rock and roll with a mosquito
Rajesh Ganesan Can watch a 3 hour movie in 1 hour
Raji Taught rhymes to a T-Rex
Riddhiman Rides dragons into the battlefield
Sangeetha Has the ability to remember the future
Saranya Senguttuvan Can talk about Fight Club
Shyam Prasad Kumpati Had Whatsapp calling before it was cool
Sindhuja Shankarram Can tear telephone directories
Sriram Boothalingam Can outrun his shadow
Stringz Demigod
Susan Wales Can count to infinity
Ms. Tamil Professional whale tickler
Taruna Jamalamadaka Makes fire underwater, with eyes closed
Theatre Nisha Black Belt in Art
Thotakura Sharat Babu Can reuse a matchstick
Udayraj PJ Can speak to sharks
Vidhya Madhubala Hermione’s alter ego
Vidya Suspected to be Voldemort
Vigneshwari Mahendran The aunt of the spider that bit spiderman
Vijayshankar Unny Ate Idlys with a genie

We will keep updating the names of these mystical people as we receive funds. Add yourself to the list by going here!